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4 confirmed the mandalorian season 3 moments we still haven’t seen

4 Confirmed The Mandalorian Season 3 Moments We Still Haven’t Seen

The trailers are equally frugal with the information they provide, making it impossible to confirm for certain what may be in store for Grogu and Din Djarin's futures

This article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian season 3, episode 3.Three episodes in, The Mandalorian season 3 is ramping up to potentially be the most impactful yet, but there are still some critical moments seen in this season’s trailers that have yet to occur. Although most of what’s shown in the trailers has already been revealed, such as an obvious greater presence of the Children of the Watch and a rejuvenated Nevarro with Greef Karga at its core, viewers are still speculating over some of the more fascinating hints and sneak peeks to be found in the trailers. Much can be confirmed just based on what is directly shown, but the question still remains as to how much is likely to actually be revealed this season.

Given what’s already been established, writers of The Mandalorian’s third season seem keen on tantalizing their viewers as much as possible between the brief reappearance of the Purrgil seen in hyperspace and the confirmed return of the fabled Mythosaur. The trailers are equally frugal with the information they provide, making it impossible to confirm for certain what may be in store for Grogu and Din Djarin’s futures. With what the trailers do present, however, it is possible to glean a sense of what fans have to look forward to for the remainder of season 3.

4 Captain Carson Teva’s Warning

One of the most important pieces of dialogue in the trailers for The Mandalorian season 3 features Captain Carson Teva (played by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee), perhaps indicating the Republic captain may soon attain a more prominent role than he previously held. “There’s something dangerous happening out there, and by the time it becomes big enough for you to act… it will be too late.” The leadership of the New Republic appear blind to the Imperial resurgence in the Outer Rim – indeed, they are literally disarming in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 3 – and Carson is clearly warning them this is a mistake. This could well link to the anticipated return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Imperial warlord lost in the Outer Rim in Star Wars Rebels. Meanwhile, the very fact Carson Teva seems to be addressing his superiors suggests The Mandalorian season 3’s Coruscant subplot will continue, because he’s likely on the former galactic capital.

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3 Order 66 Flashback

The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Order 66 Flashback

Star Wars viewers are eagerly anticipating what seems to be another flashback to Order 66 and the Jedi Purge. Trailers for The Mandalorian season 3 have shown four Jedi brandishing their lightsabers, preparing for a fight as the door in front of them is being breached. This certainly seems to be another glimpse of Order 66, perhaps showing how Grogu was rescued – and potentially introducing another Order 66 survivor. Many viewers have noted the door seems to be being breached by a lightsaber, and only one person with a lightsaber participated in Order 66 – Anakin Skywalker. There’s been intense speculation this could feature a reprise from Hayden Christensen.

2 A Cantina Full Of Droids

The Mandalorian Season 3 Droid Bar

The Mandalorian season 3’s trailer shows a peculiar sight – what appears to be a bar or cantina made exclusively for droids. After a number of action shots, the trailer moves to a robotic bartender enacting a vaguely threatening gesture as it points what resembles an electric cattle prod at Din Djarin. Viewers are then given a glimpse of the rest of the bar and its inhabitants, which seems to be an amusing inversion of the “No Droids Allowed” scene at Tatooine Mos Eisley Cantina in the first Star Wars film.

The bar features a number of familiar droids, including a collection of Astromechs in the foreground and the surprising return of B1 Battle Droids from the Clone Wars. Even more attention-grabbing is what sees to be the same mental evaluation droid that interviewed Dr. Pershing in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 3. This could hint Din Djarin will go to Coruscant, thus getting more involved in the New Republic’s affairs. Grogu is notably absent in this shot, so it may not be by choice.

1 The Children Of The Watch In Battle On Nevarro

The Mandalorian Attack On Nevarro

One of the most surprising sequences in The Mandalorian season 3’s trailer shows a heavy amount of action as Paz Vizsla appears to be leading the Children of the Watch on an explosive raid of Nevarro. Viewers can be forgiven for wondering if the Mandalorians have gone rogue – but they are then shown to be shooting down pirates. Gorian Shard’s negarious crew is likely launching an attack, taking his feud with Greef Karga to the next level by trying to invade and even occupy Nevarro.

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This exciting shot leaves the fate of Greef Karga up in the air. It’s possible he will meet a tragic end after restoring Nevarro, although Paz’s militia may instead stage a timely rescue. It’s even more difficult to say why Paz would head to Nevarro in the first place; whether it is simply a favor for Din Djarin, or whether the Children of the Watch have ulterior motives for helping the people of Nevarro. Whatever the remaining context of these scenes may be, the trailers certainly show that The Mandalorian season 3 won’t be a disappointment for viewers expecting a lot of action.

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