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signs tom & ariana’s relationship was always doomed

Signs Tom & Ariana’s Relationship Was Always Doomed

Ariana and Tom's relationship began after Vanderpump Rules season 2 had wrapped, which was when Ariana joined the series.

As Vanderpump Rules viewers still recover from the fallout of “Scandoval,” there were multiple signs that Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were not meant to last. The two bartenders were together for nine years and were marked as one of the more solid couples on the reality show. Tom and Ariana seemed to have a perfect life until Tom was accused of cheating on Ariana with fellow castmates Raquel Leviss.

Ariana and Tom’s relationship began after Vanderpump Rules season 2 had wrapped, which was when Ariana joined the series. At the time, Kristin Doute was dating Tom, and the two were going through some issues. The model started feeling like her boyfriend had a thing for Lisa Vanderpump’s newest bartender. Even though both Tom and Ariana claimed they were just friends, Kristin ended up dumping him. While at the Vanderpump Rules season 2 reunion, Tom and Ariana revealed they were officially a couple.

Ariana Madix Didn’t Want Kids

Back in 2016, during Vanderpump Rules season 5, Ariana shared some personal news with Tom, noting she didn’t want to get married or have children. The Tom Tom owner, however, said he always dreamed of a fairytale white wedding and children of his own. The revelation from Vanderpump Rules star Ariana was major and shouldn’t have been ignored since this is a significant deal breaker for most. At the time, Tom seemed willing to wait in hopes of the Vanderpump Rules star changing her mind. In 2019, Ariana revealed that she had decided to freeze her eggs, possibly giving more hope to Tom.

Tom Scandoval’s Second Love

Now, if Tom Schwartz took issue with his best friend leaving town to go on tour with a band he had put together, you best believe that the hobby affected Ariana too. During the premieres of Vanderpump Rules season 10, Sandoval was called out for putting so much energy into his band, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras. For months, he toured, leaving his real responsibilities like his new lounge, Schwartz & Sandy’s, waiting for him at home. Ariana would have had to be on her own a lot which could have led to a bit of resentment.

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Tom Sandoval’s Lack Of Respect For Ariana Madix

Even though it seemed like Tom and Ariana got along, there were moments when Tom crossed the line. Tom often “mansplained” issues to Ariana, like when he talked about his white privilege as a CIS white male but accidentally said “cyst.” During the same conversation, he also told Ariana she was entitled to “yell” and express her feelings. Tom’s gaslighting didn’t go unnoticed, as it is one of the major red flags in Ariana and Tom’s not-so healthy relationship.

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