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evil dead rise just proved that nobody is safe from deadites

Evil Dead Rise Just Proved That NOBODY Is Safe From Deadites

It's known that humans become possessed by Deadites when they are injured, meaning that its possible Beth's unborn child could be possessed

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Evil Dead Rise

The Deadites are back in Evil Dead Rise, and they just proved that nobody is safe from them. The Deadites are some of the most fearsome monsters in horror, with the demonic entities only being motivated by a desire to cause chaos. Evil Dead Rise has finally seen the return of the Deadites to the big screen, bringing back all of the terrifying gore that the Evil Dead franchise is known for.

Evil Dead Rise is the first Evil Dead movie in a decade, bringing the beloved horror series back to the big screens for the first time since 2013’s Evil Dead reboot. Evil Dead Rise isn’t a sequel, but rather a reboot that takes Sam Raimi’s series in an entirely new direction. The film follows a group of Deadites that attack a mother and her children in an LA apartment building, with the only thing standing in their way being their Aunt Beth. Evil Dead Rise is even more terrifying than previous entires, but one of the most shocking elements is how the Deadites interact with their victims.

Ok, We Got It Evil Dead: Kids Are Not Safe From Deadites!

As it turns out, kids are not safe from Deadites in Evil Dead Rise. Although the Deadites got their start attacking college students in The Evil Dead, the demons have never been seen going after kids until 2023’s Evil Dead Rise. Evil Dead Rise really pushes the bar, having the Deadites possess three young children: Bridget, Dan, and the child of the family’s neighbor. These Deadite-possessed kids all get some pretty gruesome deaths, with the fact that they are young kids making Evil Dead Rise even more disturbing.

The scariest thing about the Deadites going after kids is how it can influence future movies. Evil Dead Rise‘s Deadites seem to enjoy targeting families, meaning that future sequels may see even more kids face brutal ends at the hands of the Deadites. Although Deadites have been attacking for over four decades now, having children be the targets brings something new to Evil Dead Rise.

Evil Dead Rise’s Deadite Children Twist Sets Up An Even More Disturbing Sequel Change

Deadite Jessica in the lake in Evil Dead Rise's opening scene

One thing that Evil Dead Rise doesn’t answer is how young Deadites are willing to target. The children that the demons attack in Evil Dead Rise are all tweens to teenagers, but it’s possible that the Deadites could go after even younger kids. For example, future Evil Dead movies could see the Deadites go after babies, and if this happens, it could set up a disturbing sequel change.

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In Evil Dead Rise, one of the Deadites scratches the stomach of Beth, who is pregnant. It’s known that humans become possessed by Deadites when they are injured, meaning that its possible Beth’s unborn child could be possessed. Having a Deadite inside you is a terrifying thought, and giving birth to a Deadite doesn’t sound like any fun either. However, this seems like something Beth may have to deal with in a future sequel to Evil Dead Rise.

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