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why penn badgley’s joe hate means the character is doomed in you season 5

Why Penn Badgley’s Joe Hate Means The Character Is Doomed In You Season 5

Since 2018, Joe has been on an endless murder spree which starts when he catches feelings for a woman and kills everyone who stands in his way of being with her.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Netflix’s You season 4!

Penn Badgley wants to see Joe Goldberg taken down in You season 5, which means the killer might finally get what’s coming to him. The actor has been adamant about his disdain for Joe since season one and was quick to call out anyone on social media who found Joe attractive or glorified his murderous ways. Even if fans were joking, Badgley didn’t find the bit funny and encouraged them not to be on the killer’s side.

Since 2018, Joe has been on an endless murder spree which starts when he catches feelings for a woman and kills everyone who stands in his way of being with her. Ultimately, he ends up killing her too. However, in You season 4, Marienne got away, and hopefully, Joe never finds her. The one thing keeping fans on Joe’s side is that his victims are often awful, entitled people. Yet, if You returns for another season, Badgley thinks it’s time for Joe to get what he deserves for once.

Penn Badgley’s Joe Hate Means He’s More Likely To Face Justice In You S5

The You lead actor has been playing the villainous character for five years, and every season, like clockwork, Joe murders people, flees the scene, and gets off scot-free. Badgley doesn’t want You to conclude with Joe getting a happy ending. Since he portrays Joe and knows what’s best for him better than anyone else, he likely has some influence on Joe’s fate in You. This is especially likely because he talks about it so much in interviews, and fans might be disappointed if You doesn’t go with the story Badgley’s been promoting. If the actor has his way, Joe will finally be held accountable for the damage he’s done.

This could mean Joe is arrested and locked in prison for the rest of his life. This could also mean that someone finally kills Joe. A good candidate for his killer would be Marienne. Joe could potentially find out she is still alive and go after her again. Since Marienne was able to escape once, she might be able to avoid being killed again and instead kill Joe out of self-defense. There are many theories and roads You can go down in terms of giving Joe his just deserts, but none of them are looking good for the serial killer.

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Why Penn Badgley Wants Joe To Be Caught So Much

Penn Badgley as Joe in You

Badgley’s expressed how disappointed he’d be if You ended with the season 4 finale. While he does think it was satisfying in terms of ending the story and tying up loose ends, he doesn’t like that it lets Joe off the hook. Even worse, now Joe has a rich girlfriend and is living in the lap of luxury. Badgley wants Joe to get caught because he’s done such terrible things to other people. Even if his wife Love wasn’t a great person either, he still murdered the mother of his child and framed her in a staged murder-suicide.

Badgley doesn’t think Joe deserves happiness, and the You season 4 ending seemingly gives him that. Instead, Badgley thinks the best ending, which would bring justice to all of Joe’s victims, is for the You protagonist to finally be exposed (per Screen Rant).