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what perfect match’s kariselle snow really does for a living

What Perfect Match’s Kariselle Snow Really Does For A Living

Kariselle might not have found love on Perfect Match, but she certainly gained a lot from appearing on the show.

Kariselle Snow just appeared on Perfect Match, and she’s revealed that she has a full career outside of reality TV. Kariselle, whose first name used to be Kelly, initially appeared on Are You The One?. She later joined the cast of Sexy Beasts. While Kariselle is blowing up after Perfect Match, she has many streams of income, so she doesn’t need to depend solely on Netflix fame.

Perfect Match season 1 saw Kariselle joining a cast of 22 fellow reality TV stars, from shows such as Love is Blind, Too Hot To Handle, The Mole and The Circle. Kariselle confessed that she felt she had a lower profile than stars like her friend Francesca Farago, who has over 6 million instagram followers. However, Kariselle saw her popularity expand exponentially after she joined the show, thanks to her friendship with Francesca, and romance with Joey Sasso. Though Kariselle got engaged to the winner of The Circle season 1, the couple split after the show, and are no longer planning to marry.

Perfect Match’s Kariselle Snow Reveals Her Real Career

Though she’s no longer planning to marry her Perfect Match partner Joey, Kariselle took to her Instagram Story this week to reveal how she stays busy. She shared that she is a freelancer in many states. She works as a party motivator and entertainer, via Sina Entertainment in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Her nightlife host work takes her all over the country. She is also signed with Posh Models. Additionally, she’s a tradeshow, promotion and party motivator model, through Envy Models. Kariselle added that she does brand deals through Cameron Owen PR as well, as well as costume and other special events in New Jersey and Delaware.

What Kariselle Will Do After Perfect Match

Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso in Perfect Match season 1 celebrating

In addition to all the careers that she pursues outside of Netflix’s Perfect Match, there is an additional venture that Kariselle has been working hard on since filming. Kariselle and her musical group, the Coming Alive Band, are working in Delaware, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. Kariselle shared that her song, “Between the Lines” is now streaming. “Stay tuned for the new EP I’m dropping early this summer,” she wrote at the beginning of March. “New break up song for all the love shows,” one excited user wrote. Another accused her and Joey of being actors that faked their engagement for the Netflix show.

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Kariselle might not have found love on Perfect Match, but she certainly gained a lot from appearing on the show. While she had under 100K followers on Instagram before participating in the series, she now has nearly 400K followers just over a month. She attracted many followers after the first few episodes of Perfect Match season 1 premiered. Joey and Kariselle matched on every episode, and were finalists. This allowed them to have air time each episode, as Kariselle meddled in Francesca’s romances. Meanwhile, many Perfect Match fans were eager to follow her relationship with Joey. Instead, they’re now following her career outside the show.

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