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the spooky adventure
the spooky adventure

The Spooky Adventure

Repetitive visualization and affirmation are the most powerful things in existence, those things create miracles alone.

Some of the most amazing things that happen in life are visualized intensely and repetitively. However much and persistently you practice (if you do practice), you can never take the results for granted. Think about this fact, then keep reading.

Life is a miracle worth living really when you can and do practice the above properly. Repetitive visualization and affirmation are the most powerful things in existence, those things create miracles alone. But, add feelings, desire, need, intensity and all of that, and sometimes if practiced properly, the results can be just plain spooky in a powerful way.

Sure, I could put it in a better way than “spooky”, but when you cannot take something genuinely amazing for granted and it seems like a miracle in every way, how else can the reality you created for yourself be described?: “Spooky”. That word may not seem like a proper word, indeed, the title of this article warrants this thought then: Is it not a spooky adventure when something you desire intently comes real like a seeming miracle. Yet the whole “miracle” is really rationally explainable this way: You visualized, put in the affirmative efforts of the goals you wanted, then after enough “deep work” you realized your goal. Now, I am not saying take the miracle for granted. I am saying though, that there are rational explanations behind all realities that exist from basic energy, gross matter on up to thought and spirit themselves.

Sure, it took me a couple of days to come up with this article in just this order of how things work rationally and realistically in “that spooky way” that amazes even the most jaded and realistic of minds and spirits every time. That is the catch, it all started out an abstract idea that I definitely wanted to get into order in a couple of days (I gave the formation of this article a time limit, I told my deeper mind to give me the order of this article in forty-eight hours or less after my conscious mind pondered the idea behind this article.

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This is nothing new though, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Napoleon Hill and Orison Swett Marden were known to use these techniques for their materials, for starters.) or a little less, and the hook of the idea came to me at first as “The Amazing Story”, then I wanted something more original, interesting, catchy and understandable like what I have now: “The Spooky Adventure”. For, in a sense, that is an accurate title, for when every time what I write about here works right, it never ceases to amaze even the most jaded, granted taking mind in a “spooky” and amazing way with its uncanny reality of results. Work with your mind a while in this way and realize what I am writing about for yourself.