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stockton, california campaigns to be the official filming location for ‘the fantastic four’

Stockton, California Campaigns to Be the Official Filming Location for ‘The Fantastic Four’

Stockton’s mayor, Kevin Lincoln, released a video of him in Al’s Comic Shop, where he explains why The Fantastic Four should be produced in the city.

Image via 20th Century Studios

A city in California is campaigning to be the next shooting location for the MCU adaptation of The Fantastic Four. And this is not just any ordinary city; it’s one that has strong ties to Marvel Comics, especially to the superhero team that will soon appear on screen.

The city of Stockton, California has released a petition asking Marvel Studios film the upcoming MCU adaptation in their city. According to the petition on, the city wants Marvel Studios to pay homage to Stan Lee‘s legacy by shooting the next Marvel movie there since it was declared “the birthplace of the Fantastic Four” in 1986.

Stockton’s mayor, Kevin Lincoln, released a video of him in Al’s Comic Shop, where he explains why The Fantastic Four should be produced in the city. He talked about the original petition that led to Stockton receiving the Marvel Comics label and how Stan Lee visited the city to proclaim the news. So clearly this city has huge historical ties to Marvel Comics and Stan Lee’s legacy.

Lincoln also pointed out that this city lives up to the values of what Marvel stands for and that it would be a huge missed opportunity if Marvel Studios decides to pass up this opportunity.

“As Marvel Studios prepares to produce an upcoming Fantastic Four movie, we here in Stockton think it’s only right that Stockton be featured in the film. “Why Stockton?” you may ask. We say “why not Stockton?”

“Stan Lee once said that Marvel is a reflection of the world right outside our window. A home for all people in all stories, no matter their race, gender, religion, or color of their skin. Stockton, named “the most diverse city in the nation”, lives up to Marvel’s stance.”

YouTube video

The page goes into great detail about what led Stan Lee to visit the city and the events that led to the city receiving such a title. Not only that, but Stockton has also previously been used as the filming location for several other major films, including Raiders of the Lost Ark and Flubber.

Mayor Lincoln believes that the Stockton community is ready to play a role in bringing this MCU movie to life and that Kevin Feige and the rest of the Marvel Studios team should consider them as the prime filming location for the upcoming film adaptation.

“Our community is excited for the opportunity to expand our existence in the Marvel Universe and onto the big screen.”

This petition started four weeks ago, and as of writing, nearly 4,000 people have signed it. Many people voiced their support for this campaign, believing that shooting in Stockton would be a huge homage to the Marvel superhero team. It would also be the perfect opportunity to showcase more of the city since most MCU films are set in well-known areas like New York, New Jersey, and San Fransisco.

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At the moment, there hasn’t been any news about The Fantastic Four film, except that the release date has been pushed back and that Feige claimed that the movie wouldn’t be an origin story, unlike previous film iterations. Also, news of potential cast members has not yet been announced.

Hopefully, more people sign this petition so that the campaign would receive a higher chance to be noticed by Feige himself.

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