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peacemaker is taking superman’s place as america’s next big hero

Peacemaker is Taking Superman’s Place as America’s Next Big Hero

With the modern Superman taking a more non-nationalist stance, it makes sense that Peacemaker would rush in to replace him.

Get ready Superman, because Peacemaker is ready to take the spot as America’s most patriotic superhero. The ultra-violent hero makes the Man of Steel step aside for a hilarious send-up of an iconic Superman cover.

As part of DC’s upcoming solicits for June, the publisher revealed a swath of variant covers for Christopher Smith’s newest DC Black Label series, Peacemaker Tries Hard! #2. Among the many covers from artists such as Steve Pugh, Kris Anka, and Ben Oliver, comes a variant from Tom Reilly. The artwork is a recreation of one of Clark more notable covers from Superman #14, which originally depicted Superman posing in front of an American Flag-styled shield with a bald eagle perched upon his arm.

The revamped cover shows Peacemaker having pushed the Last Son of Krypton to the side, putting a scowl on the usually upbeat hero. Peacemaker now stands in Superman’s place, striking the exact same pose as Superman did. Only instead of a bald eagle, a dove of peace comes flying to land on Smith’s awaiting arm.

Peacemaker is Claiming Superman’s Old Spot as America’s Icon

Superman 14 Cover DC Comics

In Superman’s earliest days, it wasn’t uncommon to see the hero presented in a more flag-waving light. After all, he debuted right before the beginning of World War II and his cultural impact was popular with people of all ages. Many of Superman’s earliest comic book covers showed Clark expressing support for the U.S. military as they were engaged in global combat, convincing readers to buy bonds and recycle scrap on behalf of the war effort. However, as time went on, Superman slowly moved away from being a strictly ‘American’ hero to one that represented humanity in general. He even ditched the “American way” aspect of his iconic motto and replaced it with “a better tomorrow”.

With the modern Superman taking a more non-nationalist stance, it makes sense that Peacemaker would rush in to replace him. After all, Christopher Smith is someone who’s almost always fought on the behalf of the United States government. As someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to attain peace, it fits Peacemaker to try and position himself as the new, extremely American superhero. Smith’s star has risen in the last few years, so with Superman leaving parts of his history behind, it’s interesting to see Peacemaker try and pick them up for himself.

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Superman Should Let Peacemaker Have His Old Cover

Peacemaker Cover DC Comics

It can be a little weird to look back at old comic books and seeing heroes like Superman take such defined, nationalistic stances when their modern interpretation is a little more aware of the rest of the world. But not every hero shares Superman’s opinions or values and some have no problem being used in a more propaganda-like way. Smith taking over Clark’s old cover is a reminder that times have changed for the Man of Steel and that he’s not the sort of hero to strictly ally himself with just one nation. It may be rude, but Peacemaker taking Superman’s old cover is probably for the best.