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new gintama anime announced with trailer & poster

New Gintama Anime Announced With Trailer & Poster

The series racked up acclaim, with the manga by the same name selling millions of copies, leading to a mountain of spin-off movies and video games

Anime fans woke up to surprising news about the beloved series Gintama. For the first time since the anime finished its run, the legendary swordsman Gintama is back! Bright and early on March 19th, the official Gintama Twitter account dropped the teaser for a brand new Gintama spin-off anime, set to bring popular character Gintoki back into the anime scene.

The teaser for the new series, 3-nen Z-gumi Ginpachi-sensei, comes with an image Tweeted out by Gintama’s official Twitter account as well as a trailer from Gintama’s Youtube account. The trailer features one of the series’ main characters, Ginpachi, looking bored as the characters playfully parody the popular anime of the season, including Spy x Family. In classic Gintama fashion, the humor is over-the-top and takes light-hearted jabs at other series, teasing another fun-filled anime focused on Ginpachi and anime parody much like One Punch Man’s as the bored teacher schools his students on culture while not wanting to be there at all. The image also features Ginpachi, dressed in a professional lab jacket while looking at the camera with deadpan eyes, obviously not excited about this new job.

Gintama Returns With a Spin-Off Anime Starring Ginpachi

The original Gintama anime started its run all the way back in 2005, making it a true shonen classic. The series racked up acclaim, with the manga by the same name selling millions of copies, leading to a mountain of spin-off movies and video games being released. As the anime series officially concluded in 2021, fans were sad to see the Weekly Shonen Jump comedy go, especially since the characters and their brand of humor had been a staple in the community for so long. This is just one of the reasons why fans were so excited to see the announcement for 3-nen Z-gumi Ginpachi-sensei, the new spin-off anime focused on Ginpachi.

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Gintama is a Shonen Classic For Good Reason

Unfortunately, there isn’t a release date for 3-nen Z-gumi Ginpachi-sensei yet. All that has been announced is that BN Pictures will be leading the project, although it looks like the classic cast will return to voice their characters. While fans wait for the release date to be confirmed, now is the perfect time to catch up on Gintama. While this series is a spin-off and won’t require the viewer to know everything about the series, the comedy and characters are sure to be more enjoyable for viewers who are familiar with the original series. Of course, Gintama is a classic shonen anime that is a must-watch anime for beginners, so any fans who haven’t seen the series yet should take this as a sign to dive right in!

This year is shaping up to be a legendary one for anime, and this announcement just proves it. With Gintama back in the scene with an all-new spin-off, no other anime is safe from parody and a hole that existed in shonen anime without it has been filled. Now, fans can only wait with bated breath for the release date of Gintama’s long-awaited anime spinoff.

Source: @gintamamovie (Twitter, YouTube)