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make women addicted to you – real world seduction ebook review
make women addicted to you – real world seduction ebook review

Make Women Addicted to You – Real World Seduction eBook Review

By the time I discovered Swinggcat's Real World Seduction eBook, my success with the ladies was unreal, even if I have to say so myself. Yet, I knew there were even more to learn.

We’ve all read a book that was good. It makes you reflect on your life for a second or two. Time well spent. Then you sometimes read a book that’s a real winner and you take something from it that you make part of your everyday life. Then you sometimes read a book that is just so “out there” that you’re pretty sure if you should implement what it teaches you’ll be violating several laws at once.

Let me assure you that you won’t, the only laws you will be violating is the natural laws of attraction between men and women.

By the time I discovered Swinggcat’s Real World Seduction ebook, my success with the ladies was unreal, even if I have to say so myself. Yet, I knew there were even more to learn.

Enter Swinggcat.

This is Jedi mind tricks at its best. Swinggcat is the master of pure attraction, picking up girls and taking them home the same night. As I was reading through this book the hair on my neck began to stand up straight as I was realizing what power I could possess over women by knowing this stuff. Through using hard-wired attraction switches that is found in all women, Swinggcat discovered techniques that make women emotionally addicted to you. Push-pull is one of my favorites. I’ve applied it myself and I’ll never stop using it, because it works like magic.

Push-pull is about sending women on an emotional rollercoaster that makes them nothing short of addicted to you. One moment you’re still laughing, connecting, you’re really hitting it off… and the next moment you turn your back on her and chat to the next girl and she’s left with that “doggy-dinner-bowl” look. Classic.

This is only one of a plethora of techniques that Swinggcat passes on in Real World Seduction. The book consists of 5 major parts, each part consisting of a few chapters.

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Part 1. Becoming the prize

Inner game is where every good dating book should start and Real World Seduction is no exception. This is where Swinggcat goes into the mindset you should have to dramatically increase your success with women. I loved the part about frames and meta-frames. He basically teaches you how to set and take over the whole interaction that it all leads exactly to the outcome you want.

Part 2. Prizability

This is where some invaluable gems are located. Swinggcat strongly promotes the idea of being the prize and not giving your power away to a woman and treating her as the prize. You learn how to approach women and open them, some cold reading techniques that are sure to get you a few very interesting looks (the good kind, believe me) and also some storytelling and rapport building techniques to make the women totally comfortable with you. Talking to a women you’ve only known for a couple of minutes and “knowing” her better than some of her best friends leaves quite an impression.

Part 3. Prizing

In these chapters Swinggcat whips out the stuff you’ve been waiting for. The stuff that gets the girls going crazy for you. He starts it off with something he calls Open Loops, a conversational technique that implies you know something about a girl but you don’t complete your sentence, leaving them wanting for more. This is followed by my favorite, Pushing and Pulling: The art of sending mixed signals. He had me sold at “Pushing”. You can also expect some amazing chapters on body language and role-playing. Role-playing is another fun one, having the girl interacting which is what you want. The more somebody commits to an interaction, the more meaning it has for them.

Part 4. Chick test & chick frames

As any other part of his book, this one is just as brilliant. We’ve all had it, you walk up to a woman you’d like to meet only to get rejected faster than Steve Buscemi hitting on Paris Hilton. On second thought, if her reputation is anything to go by he might get some action, but he can turn that “might” into a “most likely” by just reading Real World Seduction. Part 4 explains how to handle chick tests from A to Z.

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Part 5. Putting it all together

The conclusion of the book is written as a complete pick up that Swinggat did. He talks you through the entire process and explains where he used what from the book. You can see the flow of the interaction all the way from the meeting to sex as he demonstrates in this real interaction he had.