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How to Make Your Crush Fall For You? 7 Great Tips to Make Your Crush Like You a Lot

While it can be tempting to make a move and see how your crush responds to your advances, it is a move that is better kept for later.

So you’ve found this person you have a massive crush on and think that he/she is the one. But you need to make him/her fall for you and that is where you are facing your problem. Read on if you want to find out how you can make your crush fall for you…

Be friends first

Start by becoming friends. Friendship is a great way to bond with your crush and make him/her see the nice side of you. It also helps you to understand each other and get comfortable with each other.

Show him/her how cool you are

Once you have become friends and have started to hang out with each other show him how cool you are. Be a spontaneous person and don’t be opinionated or judgmental. Show him/her that you are an easy person to hang out with.

Don’t hit on him/her

When you are in the initial stages with your crush then don’t hit on him/her. Hitting on him/her makes your intentions evident too early and that spoils your chances. Let him/her get to know you more and himself want to spend more time with you. Then you can hit on him/her.

Admire him

Every person wants a little bit of admiration. So admire your crush. Show him/her how impressed you are with their achievements. Keep criticism to the barest minimum no matter how much you feel like it. Be honest in your appreciation and soon your crush will be falling for you.

Show him/her your strong and sensitive side

Show your crush your strong and sensitive side. Let him/her see your strength of character. Let him/her see that while you are the sort who’s not to tolerate nonsense you also have a soft side to yourself. Seeing both sides of the same coin in all honesty is going to make your crush fall for you.

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Don’t be desperate

When you have a mission to complete, then you must not be desperate. Patience is your best friend at this time and under no circumstances must you push your crush to fall for you. When you are patient and let love become a natural progression of a relationship then the results are sweeter.

Keep sex off limits

While it can be tempting to make a move and see how your crush responds to your advances, it is a move that is better kept for later. You don’t want your crush to assume that you make a move on all of your friends or crushes. You need to make them feel exclusive and the longer you put it off the crazier your crush is going to get for you.