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how tammy’s face changed after 115-pound weight loss

How Tammy’s Face Changed After 115-Pound Weight Loss

With 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy working hard toward losing even more weight and meeting her goals, her face will surely continue to slim down with time.

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has never looked better after losing 115 pounds post-weight loss surgery, which has slimmed her face down considerably. After years of struggling to lose weight, Tammy was left with very few options to improve her life. Though she thought she was on the right path, she suffered a medical emergency in late 2021 that led to a year-long stint in an Ohio-based rehabilitation facility, and, ultimately, being in rehab is what pushed Tammy to focus on her weight loss. With a near-death experience under her belt, Tammy chose to focus on her health and work hard to qualify for bariatric surgery.

After months of diligent hard work along with therapy to help deal with her mental health, 1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slaton finally reached her goal weight. She was approved for weight loss surgery and had a successful operation that left her ready to recover and continue to commit to her health. After recuperating and returning home to Kentucky, Tammy is sharing photos and videos of herself that prove she looks phenomenal.

Tammy Slaton’s Cheekbones & Jawline Are More Defined

Being 115 pounds down, Tammy has a more defined jawline than ever before, along with some newfound high cheekbones. Tammy has posted a few photos to her Instagram showing off her new slimmed-down face from different angles. Looking happy and healthier than ever, she’s radiating light in the golden hour photos and showing off her hard work for the camera. 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy’s progress has been stunning to witness, and seeing it up close in her photos is even more incredible.

Tammy Slaton’s Beautiful Facial Features Stand Out More Than Ever

Tammy has always been beautiful and has always known that, but her slimmer face truly shows off her facial features more than ever. In a recent TikTok, Tammy showed off her lip-syncing skills in the car, mugging for the camera as she mouthed the words along with a song. As she pans the camera around, the viewer can see more of her face as time passes. Her eyes look larger and wider than they did before her weight loss, while her nose and mouth appear more prominent on her face. With her facial features more noticeable than before, Tammy’s beauty is shining through.

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With 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy working hard toward losing even more weight and meeting her goals, her face will surely continue to slim down with time. As she continues to do her best and make an effort, her fans will be able to watch her journey unfold on social media. Even if Tammy were to stop posting her niche, unique content, the 1000-lb Sisters cameras will still be rolling to capture it all.

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