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heartstopper webcomic officially returns this april (where to read)

Heartstopper Webcomic Officially Returns This April (Where to Read)

Heartstopper fans will be thrilled about the return of this beloved webcomic, especially knowing that Oseman has taken a well-deserved break.

After a long hiatus, the beloved webcomic Heartstopper returns this April. After a successful Netflix TV adaptation, Heartstopper is more popular than ever, and the webcomic’s return should excite fans new and old alike.

Heartstopper creator Alice Oseman announced the long-awaited return of the slice-of-life webcomic in a recent Instagram post. A new Heartstopper installment will be available to read on Tapas, Webtoon, and Tumblr on April 1, 2023. But as Oseman assures fans in the post, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke; after a nearly year-long hiatus, Heartstopper will continue telling Nick and Charlie’s love story in 2023. Fans who have been waiting for the series return and those who only just heard about it from the popular show can catch up on the story in its entirety online – as well as in the print editions, available for purchase wherever books are sold.

Heartstopper’s Love Story Finally Continues This April

Heartstopper follows the developing love story of Nick and Charlie, who first develop a close friendship as classmates in a British secondary school before falling for each other. The webcomic, which also features a number of other young LGBTQ+ characters, is a heartfelt coming of age tale about accepting yourself – quirks, flaws, and all. Heartstopper developed an avid online following before being collected into print editions and then developed into a successful Netflix show, which has already been renewed after its first season. Alice Oseman, the creator of Heartstopper, announced a hiatus in late May 2022 after the webcomic returned earlier that year, citing stress and burnout as the reason for the extended break.

Heartstopper fans will be thrilled about the return of this beloved webcomic, especially knowing that Oseman has taken a well-deserved break. Nick and Charlie are reaching the final stages of their story, and though this hiatus by no means left readers on a perilous “cliffhanger,” it’s exciting to know that their conflicts and relationships – both with each other and with their friends and families – will soon be further explored and perhaps even concluded. With filming of the Heartstopper TV show’s second season already completed, this is the perfect time for new fans to jump on board the webcomic, which has the same comforting, sweet vibe that made Heartstopper’s first season so successful.

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A queer love story for all ages, the Heartstopper webcomic has been missed by its fans during its hiatus. But readers will soon know what happens next in Nick and Charlie’s story as Alice Oseman returns with a new Heartstopper installment on April 1, which will be available to read online on Tumblr, Tapas, and Webtoon.

Source: Alice Oseman