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drew barrymore is actively looking for a new movie with adam sandler

Drew Barrymore Is Actively Looking For A New Movie With Adam Sandler

If one takes an optimistic outlook on Barrymore’s statement, perhaps her next collaboration with Sandler could return the duo to their roots

Drew Barrymore is actively working towards a new movie with Adam Sandler. Barrymore and Sandler’s on-screen ties go as far back as 1998, when the pair starred in The Wedding Singer. Since then, Barrymore and Sandler have led two additional romantic comedies together: 50 First Dates and Blended.

Barrymore now suggests to ET Online that another Sandler-Barrymore collaboration may be coming soon. According to Barrymore, she and Sandler want to find the perfect combination of something new before working together again. Nonetheless, she is “actively seeking” another project with Sandler. Barrymore elaborates below:

“We might have mentioned something about it this morning. We’re actively seeking. I know, I wonder the same thing, ’cause I think that is important for us, to hook into it. Maybe not be redundant of something we’ve done in the past, but not try to prove we’re doing something different just to prove it. It’s like an alchemy, you know? And it’ll be a little of this, a little of that.”

When Will Barrymore’s Adam Sandler Wishes Come True?

This is not the first time that Barrymore has hinted at a new Sandler collaboration. Earlier this year, Barrymore gave a vague comment hinting at her return to the screen opposite Sandler, saying, “As soon as you talk about Adam Sandler, I’m like, ‘Oh, well maybe. Sure.’” Unlike that cryptic message, this time Barrymore seems more serious about working with Sandler again. Potentially, a project could already be in the early stages of development.

What Barrymore doesn’t give in her statement, however, is any sense of when a project may actually come to fruition. Wanting time to find a “hook into” the next film between her and Sandler serves two purposes. For one, it builds the hype for a well-conceived Barrymore-Sandler project; if it ever becomes a reality, it could already have an established audience of people excited by the mere concept. Second, it still leaves the when and what of the prospective film entirely up in the air, granting them plenty of leeway.

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If one takes an optimistic outlook on Barrymore’s statement, perhaps her next collaboration with Sandler could return the duo to their roots. Both The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates are beloved romantic comedies that still stand up today, unlike Blended, which received a far less favorable critical response. If Sandler and Barrymore truly take their time, perhaps their next project could become today’s classic rom-com. On the other hand, the two could seek out an entirely new genre; Sandler’s dipped more into drama lately, so perhaps Barrymore could as well. The possibilities are endless.

Source: ET Online

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