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doctor who doom’s day – what it means for the 60th & season 14

Doctor Who Doom’s Day – What It Means For The 60th & Season 14

Doom’s Day will not be as widely followed as the main TV show, so an appearance by Doom in Doctor Who would have to make sense to all audiences.

Doctor Who has announced the multi-platform project Doom’s Day, which could play a part in the upcoming 60th anniversary and beyond. Doctor Who has already caused excitement with the revelation that David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be returning as the Doctor and Donna Noble for the 60th anniversary specials. Although details are being kept under wraps, Doctor Who has already dropped a packed teaser for the 60th anniversary, including what could be Neil Patrick Harris playing the Celestial Toymaker.

Doctor Who also announced it would be joining forces with Disney+, and that the streamer would be the new global home for Doctor Who, with the BBC remaining as the home for the UK and Ireland. This deal opens up a lot more opportunities for Doctor Who and expands the budget, which could mean a bigger universe and plenty of Doctor Who spinoffs. Doctor Who seems to have already started this process, as the TV show’s official Twitter account released a teaser post about “Doom’s Day” with a countdown clock. It has now been revealed that Doctor Who is ramping-up its multi-platform stories, starting with Doom’s Day.

Doom’s Day Is A Multi-Platform Doctor Who Event (But Not TV)

Doom’s Day is a multi-platform event story that introduces Sooz Kempner as the titular character Doom, the universe’s most deadly assassin, to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary. Doom’s Day is an accumulation of standalone stories with an overarching narrative that will lead up to one big finale released on Doctor Who digital channels. As explained by Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies, Doom’s Day will “span comics, audio, a novel, video games stories and more” to expand the Doctor Who world. Each platform will tell one hour of Doom’s 24-hour story and end on Doctor Who digital channels, but no TV shows or special episodes have been mentioned as yet.

Doctor Who has released few details about what Doom’s Day entails, but there is a basic plot. Doom is being chased by “literal Death” and only has 24 hours to find the Doctor before Death catches up with her. Doom will travel through time and space with only 24 hours and a vortex manipulator to save herself. Kempner will be the face and voice of Doom across the multi-platform story, and Doctor Who has confirmed a number of fan-favorites will appear throughout the new Doctor Who character Doom’s journey. Doom’s Day will take audiences to fresh areas of the universe and add a new layer to Doctor Who.

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Doom’s Day Hints At Doctor Who’s Franchise Future

Russell T Davies New Doctor Who Logo

Doom’s Day is the first hint at what direction Doctor Who is going in. RTD’s return and the 60th anniversary special have confirmed Doctor Who is returning to its roots and attempting to make a strong comeback after Chibnall’s controversial era. Doom’s Day takes this direction further by showing RTD’s plans to expand the Whoniverse even more. The multi-platform story shows Doctor Who is keen to create a bigger universe that intertwines and, despite centering around the main Doctor Who stories, is able to create standalone media.

There have been a great many Doctor Who spinoffs, including TV shows, novels, and audio stories, but Doom’s Day shows how Doctor Who plans to utilize different mediums more effectively to truly create a bigger franchise. So far, Doctor Who spinoff projects may have used different mediums, but Doom’s Day will take that concept much further by having one new story stretch across multiple different mediums, similar to Time Lord Victorious but more innovative. Doom’s Day shows how Doctor Who is prepared to utilize every medium to create stories that are intricate and have importance to the wider universe.

Doom Could Appear In The Doctor Who TV Show

Doom's Day; Doctor Who

Doom’s Day could potentially become important in the Doctor Who TV show, and it would not be surprising if Doom herself appeared in the show. From what has been released so far, Doom’s Day has an actress with a costume ready to go, so it would not be difficult to have Doom appear as she is on TV. Plus, it is assumed Doom will come into contact with the David Tennant Fourteenth Doctor at some point during Doom’s Day, and it is common the Doctor comes across old friends, or adversaries, in Doctor Who.

Doom’s Day will not be as widely followed as the main TV show, so an appearance by Doom in Doctor Who would have to make sense to all audiences. However, Doctor Who often references old episodes and spinoff shows, so Doctor Who could easily have Doom appear with a storyline unrelated to Doom’s Day, and the opportunity for Easter eggs would be huge. This major new character is exciting for Doctor Who, and shows commitment to both expanding the franchise and creating a multi-platform universe. Doom’s Day reflects the direction RTD and Doctor Who want to go in, and only enhances anticipation for the 60th anniversary.

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