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different types of nuts
different types of nuts

Different Types of Nuts

All the while, there is a wide selection of dried fruits and seeds that are also called nuts. This is a fairly comprehensive lit of various types of nuts.

A Nut can be defined as a very hard shelled type of fruit of certain plants that comes with a specific type of seed called indehiscent. All the while, there is a wide selection of dried fruits and seeds that are also called nuts. This is a fairly comprehensive lit of various types of nuts.

1. Almond: A highly prized nut that is encased in a hard, greenish hull.

2. Beech nut: These are small edible nuts encased in burs

3. Butternut: A nut that is egg-shaped and is a part of the widespread walnut family

4. Brazil nut: A three-sided American nut that has white oily feeling meat with a hard shell.

5. Candle nut: This has an extremely hard shell typically sold without the shell.

6. Cashew: This kidney-shaped nut grows outside the cashew apple. It’s shell is toxic.

7. Chestnut: One of the most versatile of all nuts as to how you can prepare it.

8. Chinese chestnut: These are sweet, small nuts native to the far east

9. Malabar Chestnut: Native to the southern hemisphere, they grow in the swamps of South America.

10. Sweet chestnut: Originally native to the near east

11. Colocynth: This is a poisonous, non-edible nut.

12. Clurbita ficifolia: is the seed of a certain kind of squash

13. Filbert: is a variety of the hazel nut

14. Gevuina avellana: An edible nut that is adaptable to cooler climates.

15. Hazelnut: It’s also known simply as the cob nut.

16. Hickory nut: A hard-shelled, nut used in baking.

17. Pecan: Native to the North American southern states.

18. Shagbark Hickory: Are moderately sized, thin shelled nuts.

19. Kola Nut: High in caffeine with many medicinal purposes.

20. Macadamia: Also known simply as the bush nut.

21. Mamoncillo nut: Is the seed of the Spanish lime.

22. Maya nut: Is kin to the Mulberry and the Fig

23. Mongongo: These are edible but not recommended as they come from Elephant dung!

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24. Oak acorns: Also known as the oak nut.

25. ogbono nut: A nut rich in protein that is sun dried

26. Paradise nut: Is the seeding of the rich sapucaia.

27. Pili nut: Native to the pacific Islands and the Philippines.

28. Pistachio: Have an open shell, that allows for them them to be salted and roasted whole.

29. Walnut: A seed that is two-lobed with a very hard shell.

30. Coconut: One of the most harvested and used nuts in the world

31. Horse-chestnut (or buckeye): This is an inedible seed/nut

32. Lychee: A dried Chinese fruit

33. Pine nut: Nuts from the inside of pine cones. Very high in fat.

34. Cacao: Considered to be a culinary type nut.

35. Soy nut: Are made out of whole soybeans.

36. Sunflower: There is a nut inside seeds of the sunflower that is harvested.

37. Acorn: This comes from oak trees, thus making them very abundant.

38. Peanut: Also native to the southern states of North America.

39. Illipe: A nut that is similar to some types of cocoa butter.

40. Pandanus: Are cone shaped, edible fruits.