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daisy jones & the six episode 8’s ending addressed by billy actor

Daisy Jones & The Six Episode 8’s Ending Addressed By Billy Actor

Due to the emotional weight and traumatic presentation of the end of episode 8, it's likely that Daisy's overdose is the last push the band needs to drift apart.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Daisy Jones & The Six episode 8.

Daisy Jones & The Six star Sam Claflin has opened up about the difficult ending to Daisy Jones & The Six episode 8. Based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book of the same name, the end of the episode sees Claflin’s Billy going to Daisy’s hotel room with the intention of kicking her out of the band, only to discover she had overdosed in the bathtub. A distraught Billy cradles Daisy’s head in his hands, screaming that she isn’t breathing, as the tour manager calls a doctor. The episode ends with Daisy regaining consciousness, but only for a moment.

Speaking with TVLine, Claflin explained the difficulty of shooting the emotional Daisy Jones & The Six scene. He opened up about how, despite being scripted, some of the lines within the scene came from his own panicked interpretation of what he would do in that situation in real life. Check out what Claflin had to say below:

I think for everyone involved, it was pretty hard. It was scripted, but not scripted. So much of the kind of pain and the anguish that comes with that and lines that I was sort of throwing in, I was just sort of trying to put myself in that position and get an understanding of what it would be like.

Physically, it was [as] taxing as much as it was emotionally.

How Will Daisy Jones & The Six End?

Daisy’s overdose was not only a difficult scene for Claflin to film, but also a turning point within Daisy Jones & The Six. It’s already clear that the band will dissolve by the end of the series, as episode 1 established that, by 1977, the band has broken up. Because of interview segments that take place 20 years later, it’s known that Daisy will survive her overdose, though how it impacts the rest of her life is still unclear.

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Due to the emotional weight and traumatic presentation of the end of episode 8, it’s likely that Daisy’s overdose is the last push the band needs to drift apart. Even though the band’s 1975 tour was expanded due to its success, Daisy’s intoxicated final performance coupled with her overdose that same night could put it in jeopardy. Not only does the horrific event put Daisy’s life in danger, but it could cause other band members to reassess their position in the group and whether it’s a good idea to continue being part of the band or not.

Daisy Jones & The Six is destined to end with the band breaking up, but that doesn’t mean every band member needs to hate one another by the end of the show. Despite going to Daisy’s apartment to kick her out, Billy’s panic when faced with her overdose shows he still cares for her deeply. Even though Daisy Jones & The Six will end with the band dissolving, it’s possible that some members, like Daisy and Billy, will still find reconciliation in the future.

Source: TVLine

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