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canceled shonen jump title gets digital release, & reactions are mixed

Canceled Shonen Jump Title Gets Digital Release, & Reactions Are Mixed

Written by Ippon Takegushi with art by Santa Mitarashi, Candy Flurry started its run in April 2021 and continued until September of that same year.

Shonen Jump is one of the most iconic publishers in the history of anime, but it is also infamous for canceling many of its most promising series. The long-running weekly manga anthology hosts some of Japan’s most popular series, including One Piece and My Hero Academia. For manga writers, getting their work to feature in Shonen Jump is a dream come true. However, not every series that makes it into the anthology is guaranteed success.

Some titles are criminally overlooked or prematurely canceled by Shonen Jump, as is the case for the manga Candy Flurry. Written by Ippon Takegushi with art by Santa Mitarashi, Candy Flurry started its run in April 2021 and continued until September of that same year. While the series received praise upon its release, the series was suddenly canceled and its time in Weekly Shonen Jump ended leading news and hype around the series to disappear. That is until VIZ Media announced that they had licensed Candy Flurry for an English release. The only issue with fans? The release is digital only.

Shonen Jump Fans Want a Physical Release for Candy Flurry

Candy Flurry follows a young girl named Tsumugi who lives in an alternate universe where candy gives people strange powers and Tokyo was destroyed by titan-like lollipops. The story follows her as she goes on a journey to redeem her favorite candy while wielding a giant lollipop to beat up bad guys. The series was bizarre and unique and managed to gain a decent fanbase. After it was announced that the series would be canceled, many fans lost hope that the story would continue despite its unique story. Still, not all those fans were excited to see VIZ Media’s announcement.

Candy Flurry Deserved More Than Shonen Jump Gave It

The main issue for fans is the fact that this is not a physical manga release. Some fans expressed their disappointment that they wouldn’t be able to own a physical copy of the manga, while others accused VIZ Media of using the series to make money. This is because the series is already available to read online elsewhere. By making the release digital, they can make money without doing much work. Even with the backlash, some other fans are hopeful that this release could trigger a second wind for the series and get it picked back up for another run.

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Candy Flurry was truly ahead of its time during its short run in 2021. With a sweet and bizarre premise, unique art and fighting styles, and likable characters, it’s a shame that it was canceled before the story’s potential could be seen. For now, fans will have to wait with fingers crossed to see if this digital release will bring a new wave of fans for the Shonen Jump series.

Source: VIZ Media (Via Twitter)