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Bewitching Bentota in Sri Lanka

Bentota with its fascinating glory beautifies the south western coastal edge of Sri Lanka. It is prominent as an elegant coastal town with rustic splendor.

Sri Lanka, being a tropical heaven is known for its incredible cities that beautify its island-terrain. Bentota is one of such prosperous cities of Sri Lanka which we are going to discuss in this article. This city in Sri Lanka got its name from the River Bentara which flows along its side. Bentota with its fascinating glory beautifies the south western coastal edge of Sri Lanka. It is prominent as an elegant coastal town with rustic splendor. The famous Bentota Bridge connects these two aspects of Bentota – the rustic and the natural together. These two aspects primarily hold many attractions which lures the travelers.

Bentota is extensively opulent in housing natural glory. The glory is further glorified with flourishing coconut and palm trees that provide shade as well as shelter. Emerald is the color which prevails in the city with almost every shade of green. This dominant color city looks all the more appealing with the azure backdrop of the sea. Apart from the attractions, the place boasts interestingly amiable population where the friendly, simple and grounded locals make travelers feel like home away from home. The best places to check out on a trip to Bentota are:

Bentota Beach: As we already know that the place is affluent in housing natural splendor, but the most famous among those natural wonders is the Bentota Beach. Nature has incredibly crafted this beach with immense grandeur. The region is formed by the two distinct sections: Beruwala Bay Beach and Bentota Bay Beach. It has been listed under the most famous twin beaches of the world. The glorious coast of Bentota is adorned with palm-fringed twin-beaches whose compelling charm mesmerizes each and every traveler. Travelers are often quoted as saying that the splendid splendor of the place leaves its imprints on the soul. The best way to spend a vacation in here is to go for the Bentota beach resort.

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Bentota resort: It has been bestowing the luxurious and aesthetic essence to travelers since 1970s by the most famed architect of the time Geoffrey Bawa. The resort further organizes various interesting activities like stage show and mask dance for the entertainment of tourists at frequent intervals in its open air theatre.

Water sports at Bentota: being a coastal paradise, water sports and activities is a most admired attraction here. The coastline offers an array of thrilling and adventurous water activities that every traveler who loves to explore the sea seeks during their holiday. The place provides opportunity to experience almost all the exhilarating water sports including snorkeling, diving and sailing, wind surfing, water-skiing and deep-sea fishing. The best time to enjoy such activities is from October to April to ensure a safe and secure holiday.

Induruwa Beach, Brief Garden and Galapatha Buddhist Temple are other alluring attractions of the place.