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apple’s 3rd-gen airpods are back on sale for $150

Apple’s 3rd-gen AirPods are back on sale for $150

With that said, there's no need to pay for more than the base AirPods if you're listening to podcasts or otherwise aren't fussy about sound.

This is a good moment to snag Apple’s wireless earbuds for your springtime excursions. Amazon is once again selling the third-generation AirPods for $150. That’s near the all-time low price, and could make them a safe choice if you’re looking for easy-to-use buds for casual listening and calls. Just be prepared to wait a little while. As of this writing, Amazon is estimating delivery in roughly three weeks.

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)


The third-gen AirPods are clearly Apple’s best “default” wireless earbuds to date. As we noted in our review, they sound much better than their predecessors while delivering extra battery life and a comfier fit. Toss in spatial audio support and they’re a reliable pick if you’re an iPhone owner and want no-nonsense audio for your daily commute. They integrate well with the Apple ecosystem, and you may even prefer them over higher-end options if you want to hear some of the outside world.

They’re not as ideal if you’re an Android user, of course. More importantly, though, you may want to consider Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro — they’re currently on sale for $200, and worth the extra outlay if you want active noise cancellation, a more secure fit or gym-friendly water resistance. With that said, there’s no need to pay for more than the base AirPods if you’re listening to podcasts or otherwise aren’t fussy about sound.

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