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5 my big fat fabulous life scenes fans thought were scripted

5 My Big Fat Fabulous Life Scenes Fans Thought Were Scripted

As the supposedly unscripted show has continued, fans feel that some moments don't seem real. Viewers find five My Big Fat Fabulous Life scenes particularly fake.

Whitney Way Thore’s life is full of drama on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and fans are wondering if her experiences are authentic. The 38-year-old has grown comfortable sharing her ups and downs in front of cameras. From YouTube videos to reality TV, she has had an audience for quite some time. However, viewers are disappointed that the honesty and genuine moments seem to have been replaced by scripted scenes.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore rose to fame due to her relatable and down-to-earth personality. Her message of body positivity, and inspirational story, really resonated. She started out by uploading fun dance videos to YouTube, and gained an audience that became interested in her everyday life. MBFFL focused on Whitney’s health, her love of dancing, and how she navigated life with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). It also showcased her family and friends. As the supposedly unscripted show has continued, fans feel that some moments don’t seem real. Viewers find five My Big Fat Fabulous Life scenes particularly fake.

5 My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Thore Was Approached “Randomly”

There have been questionable moments on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, which appear to have blurred the lines between authentic and scripted. Whitney has made fans cringe due to her melodramatic attitude and tactlessness. Some viewers think that she is acting for the cameras, just to stir up drama and ratings. Reddit user autumn7689 started a thread about their favorite scene, which they felt was absolutely staged. They posted a screenshot from My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 1, episode 7, when Whitney was hired to choreograph dancing for a wedding.

During the episode, Whitney was fired from the choreography job, so she and her friend Ashley Baynes went out to have fun. While they were at a bar, they were approached by two men. The males flirted with them, and “randomly” asked them if they knew what squashing was. Whitney was personally offended by the inappropriate question, and couldn’t believe that a stranger would ask her that. Other fans commented on the thread, wondering if such an encounter would actually happen in real life. One fan commented on the thread, “100% Those guys were mic’d and ready to go. Who mentions squashing to a fat woman upon their first meeting?”

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4 My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Chase Severino Loses The Engagement Ring

Whitney Notices Chase's Red Flags sitting on couch together

Whitney hasn’t been lucky in love, and has had many emotional highs and lows in terms of her romantic relationships. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star finally thought that she found her forever match when she got serious with Chase Severino. He planned a romantic proposal in Paris, but unfortunately, tragedy struck, and drama was destined to follow. While basking in the excitement of their future together, they walked along the beach, and Whitney’s beautiful engagement ring was lost in the ocean’s waves.

Whitney’s reaction to losing the ring seemed muted, as it was such an important piece of jewelry. This raised suspicions from My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans, who thought that the whole scene was staged. Viewers took to Reddit to discuss their thoughts about the entire situation. Reddit user tjmaxxinista started a thread, writing, “Anyone else think the ring loss at the beach was staged? My mom and I agreed there would have been immediate screaming and crying as soon as it was gone.”

3 My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Lennie Alehat Visited Whitney Thore During Covid

Lennie Alehat and Whitney Way Thore My Big Fat Fabulous Life close up smiling

Whitney and Lennie Alehat have remained good friends since their romantic relationship fizzled out. Even though fans thought Whitney and Lennie were dating again, they have been adamant about the fact that they only have a platonic relationship. Regardless, the two spend a lot of time together, and that didn’t change when Covid was at its peak, and everyone kept their distance. Due to Whitney’s health issues, she was very cautious about keeping herself safe, and avoided going out too much.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans were surprised that she let her guard down when Lennie came over for a visit. The fact that Whitney wasn’t overly cautious, as she once was, raised eyebrows. Reddit user marykate216 started a thread, writing, “I know it was staged, but Whitney is totally fine with Lennie coming into her house sans mask? Seems weird considering her earlier super careful behavior.”

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2 My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Thore’s Relationship With The Frenchman

Whitney took another shot at love when she connected with someone new. Whitney fell in love with her French beau when she met him on a tutoring app. Despite the distance, their relationship took off, and became serious rather quickly. Fans were suspicious of their romance from the start, especially when she claimed that they arrived at the mutual decision to be in an open relationship.

However, there was one scene in particular on My Big Fat Fabulous Life that fans just couldn’t believe. In an episode where the Frenchman supposedly called her, her cell phone screen wasn’t even lit up to signify an incoming phone call. Reddit user ackieedaniels wrote, “Staged scene? The scene where the Frenchman called, and she goes to pick up. I have the same phone and this isn’t what the screen looks like when you’re getting a call.” There have been rumors her French romance was only a setup for television, so it didn’t surprise MBFFL fans that the phone call may not have been real either.

1 My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Thore’s Trip To St. Lucia

Whitney took a trip to St. Lucia with her closest friends, as well as her brother, Hunter Thore, during My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 10. While they were there, Whitney claimed that she had gotten multiple marriage proposals while on her tropical vacation. Throughout their trip, they encountered quite a few different locals on the island, but fans felt that it was odd that those people didn’t have accents. They also thought it was strange that, in a lot of scenes, the streets appeared empty, and the camera crew didn’t even capture the true beauty of the island.

The MBFFL St. Lucia getaway wasn’t without its share of emotional scenes, tension, and drama. However, My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers felt it was just another scenario that was created by production. Specific_Lock_5898 started a thread on Reddit, writing, “Wife and I went to St. Lucia on our honeymoon. Locals aren’t allowed on the resort beaches, this is all script, most definitely.” Others fans agreed, and also felt that the trip was another moment that wasn’t real. They believe it was fabricated to highlight a change of location, and a new storyline.

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