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2 clues jordan kent will become superboy in superman & lois season 3

2 Clues Jordan Kent Will Become Superboy in Superman & Lois Season 3

As Jordan’s powers have grown, Clark has done everything in his power to help his son develop and control them through Superman & Lois season two's ending.

Jordan Kent has full Kryptonian powers on Superman & Lois, and there are two major indicators that he could fully become Superboy in season three. Superman & Lois has focused heavily on Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) guiding his teenage sons Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Jonathan (Jordan Elsass, and Michael Bishop in season three). Jordan’s adolescence brings with it even greater challenges when he begins to develop Kryptonian powers himself.

As Jordan’s powers have grown, Clark has done everything in his power to help his son develop and control them through Superman & Lois season two’s ending. By the opening of Superman & Lois season three, Jordan looks more set than ever to truly join his father in the skies as Superboy, and there are two major hints that Jordan will become Superboy in Superman & Lois season three.

Superman & Lois’ Season 3 Synopsis Alludes To Superboy

The synopsis of Superman & Lois season three’s story makes a rather strong hint towards Jordan’s future on the show. The synopsis specifically states that in season three, Jordan “discovers what a superhero identity really means.” There is quite a bit to unpack there, but the fact that Jordan understands the essence of a superhero identity could speak volumes.

Jordan needing to learn such a lesson at all indicates it is an essential part of his story on Superman & Lois season three and could hint at Jordan effectively becoming a full-fledged superhero himself. In sharing Kryptonian powers with his father, this is no more logical superhero identity for Jordan to take on than Superboy. Meanwhile, Jordan’s own activities in Superman & Lois season three are already pointing him in the Superboy direction.

Jordan Is Already Acting Like Superboy

Jordan and Clark in Superman and Lois

Jordan has already saved numerous lives and fought villains previously in Superman & Lois season three. However, Superman & Lois season three kicks that up a notch with Jordan jumping right into the kind of action his father usually takes on in trying to stop a building collapse in Kuala Lumpur. Though Clark scolds Jordan for coming close to revealing himself to the world before being ready to, this says a lot about where Jordan’s all-but-inevitable Superboy transformation is headed in season three.

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Jordan is already using his powers in a manner that puts him directly into the kinds of situations his father regularly enters in order to save lives and protect people. Moreover, Jordan’s eagerness to help is likely to take precedence, in his mind, over his father’s protectiveness of him. Between that and Superman & Lois’s season three synopsis, Jordan Kent could be donning the red cape and S-shield of his father by the season’s end.

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