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1883’s prophecy essentially reveals how yellowstone will end

1883’s Prophecy Essentially Reveals How Yellowstone Will End

If the show closes out with Costner's Dutton losing the ranch, the seeds of this were already sown in 1883. In fact, the latter makes it seem that the family losing the ranch is all but a certainty.

A prophecy made in 1883 appears to essentially spoil how Yellowstone is going to end. Considering Yellowstone itself is a modern-day Western, it made all the sense in the world that its first spinoff would be a full-fledged “Oater.” 1883 received healthy praise for its cast and tragic story, which followed James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) on the journey that would lead to the spot where the Yellowstone ranch was founded. The success of the miniseries has since led to an expanded universe of spinoffs, including 1923 and the upcoming Bass Reeves.

The burgeoning TV empire that Yellowstone has launched is so healthy it appears the parent series itself is close to ending. Reports suggest a dispute between creator Taylor Sheridan and star Kevin Costner will see the latter exit the show, with Matthew McConaughey possibly fronting a future spinoff with returning Yellowstone characters. If the show closes out with Costner’s Dutton losing the ranch, the seeds of this were already sown in 1883. In fact, the latter makes it seem that the family losing the ranch is all but a certainty.

1883’s Yellowstone Prophecy Reveals The Dutton’s Lose The Ranch

Outside of James and Margaret, the main character of 1883 is their eldest child Elsa, played by Isabel May. Towards the end of the series, Elsa is hit with an arrow during a Lakota raid, with the injury being fatal. Upon learning this, Elsa demands to pick out the place where she will rest, and she and James ride off together to find it. James has also vowed that the spot where she passes away is where their ranch will be built. Along the way, they meet Crow elder Spotted Eagle (Graham Greene), who suggests they look at Paradise Valley, but in doing so, issues a prophecy to James about the land.

He states that β€œIn seven generations my people will rise up and take it back from you.” While James isn’t looking that far ahead into the future, Yellowstone has confirmed that both Tate – the son of Kayce and Monica – and Jamie’s son are indeed the seventh generation of the family. That means the Dutton family is coming very close to the prophecy being fulfilled and nearby tribes will take the land back. Exactly how that will play out on Yellowstone is unknown, but this 1883 prediction is telling viewers ahead of time that it will definitely happen.

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1883’s Prophecy Makes John Dutton’s Death More Likely

Kevin Costner asJohn Dutton in Yellowstone.

With Costner’s exit appearing very likely following Yellowstone season 5, John’s time might be limited. Having made a promise to his own father to hold onto the land no matter what, it’s highly unlikely he would willingly sell it or give it up. Closing out Yellowstone – at least in its present form – with John’s death and ending with Tate (who is half Native American) inheriting it might be the inevitable conclusion. Of course, while 1883 is painting one specific ending, showrunner Taylor Sheridan is all but certain to have some twists up his sleeve regarding out how all this will play out.